Space Sweep & Invaders (Commodore 16 plus/4) game

  • £9.99

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Space Sweep: You are a Space Sweeper called Alpha-Man whose job it is to destroy all the spy satellites in your Galaxy placed by Leutitians. The game is a side view horizontal scrolling shooter where the screen scrolls left or right constantly when you move, but you are able to scroll the screen up or down. You must shoot all the satellites while avoiding various objects that are either static or move around the screen and if you hit one then you lose one of five lives. As you fly and shoot, a fuel gauge decreases and when it reaches the red part then you must re-fuel by docking with your Mothership which appears when you are low on fuel.

Invaders: A side view single screen shooter based on Space Invaders where you control a craft at the bottom of the screen, moving left or right, to blast aliens in formation above who are dropping bombs. The aliens move across the screen to the right and when they hit the side of the screen then they drop down one place and move to the left. Between you and the aliens are four shields which protect you from the bombs but will start to disappear from the bombs and your shots. If you are hit by a bomb or allow the aliens to land then you lose one of three lives. A Mothership occasionally moves across the top of the screen and if shot gives you bonus points. There are 9 skill levels (1-9) with one being the easiest.

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