V-Rally 1 & 2 Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) Game Bundle

  • £7.99

Condition: Good. The games and manuals are in Very Good condition, there is cracks to the cases. Fully tested and working.



Test your driving skills in this rally game. You can compete in three different game modes: Arcade, Championship and Time Trial. In the Championship mode you race against three other cars in various countries. Gain points in order to win the Championship. In the Arcade mode you still race against three other cars, but also against the clock. Finish each race before the time runs out, and come in first to win the Arcade mode. You can choose between Easy (4 races), Medium (6 races) and Difficult (8 races). If you just want to race by yourself you can try the Time Trial mode. 
There are 11 different cars available. They are divided into two groups: 2W and 4W drive. The 4W cars are a little bit faster than the normal cars.

V-Rally 2

asphalt is overrated.
16 Smokin' Rally Race Cars
Win 10 Hot Classics!
Get Them Dirty, but Avoid the Damage.
Gritty 4-Player Split-Screen Action
84 Tracks + Random Track Generator/Editor
Fast, Edge-of-Your-Seat Racing--Only the Best will Survive

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