MTV Sports Snowboarding, Skateboarding & Pure Ride Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) Game Bundle

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Condition: Good to Very Good. Skateboarding & Pure Ride has no manual. Click Here for more details



MTV Sports: Snowboarding is an extreme sports game where you have to perform tricks on your snowboard. You can opt to play with one of six different boarders, with each their own abilities. The game features five game modes: qualifying, challenge, create-a-park, head-to-head and training. The qualifying mode offers three levels where you have to score enough points to unlock the challenge mode, where you can challenge other boarders in trick events or races. The create-a-park mode allows you to create your own track to play on. head-to-head allows you to play a multiplayer match against a friend. The available tracks come in four general types: mountain X, big air contest, half-pipe and slopestyle.


How does a 540 Benihana into a One-Footed Smith Grind sound?
Over 35 Huge Levels
Insane Stunt Mode
10 Separate Game Modes
64 Distinct Air & Land Tricks
14 Pro Skaters
Andy Macdonald
Colin McKay
Danny Way
Rick Howard
Brian Howard
Stevie Williams
Heidi Fitzgerald
Josh Kalis
Rob Oyrdek
Jen O'Brien
Salvador Barbier
Keith Hufnagel
Alan Petersen
Scott Johnston
Skate With Other A.I. Skaters

Pure Ride

We've given you total freedom. Now Shut Up and Ride!
Feel PURE snowboarding freedom as you explore vast mountains, compete with professional riders in tour competitions or build your own mountain to RIDE.

Ride The Entire Mountain

Build A Mountain
Place cars, kickers, trees and rails in 3 diverse environments

Tour Challenge
Compete in all-new half-pipes, big air and slopestyle events

Exclusive Stunt Mode
Combine jumps, tricks and grinds in the all-new stunt mode

Insane Combos

Catch Huge Air

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