Championship Motocross & Championship Motocross 2001 Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) Game Bundle

  • £11.99

Condition: Good. The games and manuals are in Very Good condition, there is a crack to the case of Championship Motocross. Fully tested and working.


Championship Motocross

This motocross game offers 9 customizable dirt bikes in three categories: 125cc, 250cc and 250cc. The six main modes include championship, split-screen head-to-head, single races and time attack modes. There are 12 tracks available and these have been divided into motocross, supercross and endure tracks, both indoor and outdoor, with different surfaces. On top of that, each course can also be reversed. An additional touch is added by dynamic weather effects.

Each bike, with different performances, can be fully tuned based on suspension, brakes, gears, tires... If racing for the finish line is not enough, you can also perform stunts with the trick system to wow the spectators. As the game’s title implies, you are able to race as or against motocross star Ricky Carmichael.

Championship Motocross 2001

This is the sequel to Championship Motocross Featuring Ricky Carmichael. This version has 30 of the top motocross riders including the game's namesake, Ricky Carmichael. There are a plethora of tracks to race on that range from regular races and stunt tracks where players can pull off 50 different tricks for points in order to advance.

There are a variety of modes including a career mode where the player can compete in races, using the money to buy better equipment and negotiate with sponsors to gain more money and notoriety. Players can also create their own rider and use them in exhibition races or in the career mode and customize everything from the appearance to their abilities.

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